Punctuated by meals

I am not home-schooling children, my offspring are independent now. My days are very much easier than a lot of friends’ and colleagues’ who are facing an incredible juggling act of supervising school work and doing their own jobs at the same time.

The rhythm of my day is simple.  Work takes up a lot of the day at the moment, it is an incredibly full and stressful week for me at work, coronavirus notwithstanding.  My biggest challenge this week is making sure I rest enough and have enough of a break from the job to not go nuts.  I know next week will look different.  In fact, tomorrow could look different, I am learning fast that our lives are changing quickly and it’s incredibly difficult to predict what the world will look like in whatever phase comes next.  

This week – good grief, why am I saying “this week”, when I mean two days so far?  Anyway, so far this week, in the whole two days of the working week which have honestly felt like four days… the routine has been to go out and walk the dog and have a short run fairly early in the morning.  On Monday there was another walk straight after work, obviously that was a short-lived routine as the instruction to go out only once a day was issued that evening.  So, for now, it’s a morning walk only.  Meal times are important in the day and at the moment we are all gathering from our different rooms and projects and eating together for all three meals.  It’s an odd feeling, last experienced on holiday last August I think, even Christmas holidays don’t see everyone gathering for every meal every day.

But the meals and the coffee breaks are feeling like an important framework for the days. So far anyway.

I am very grateful that the family enjoy being together and that the sense of humour is very high, every meal time involves laughter which is lovely and very much needed.

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