What’s helping now: weekday routines

This is slightly tongue in cheek, because obviously I have failed to add blogging into my routine. As a self-confessed (and diagnosed by one therapist) control freak, I do find feeling as if I am in control of something helps me gets through these strange times.

And I am surely not in control of anything much in the world. But strangely enough I am in total control of my days. I am no longer at the mercy of traffic jams, delayed or cancelled trains, others’ activities impacting my evenings or weekends. What an upside to all of this.

Making constant decisions on what to do is tiring though, so having some very static routines helps me hugely. Waking up with coffee and reading, running, breakfast and sitting down to work at pretty much the same time every day. Lunch time at roughly the same time and always at the dining room table instead of my desk. Dinner back at the table. Finishing the day with a bit of journalling and more reading. All of these have stayed pretty much constant over the past 11 months.

There are definite tweaks to be made though. Adding in blogging and some meditative prayer would be good. I would like to have a more consistent post-work exercise routine. I have abandoned all piano playing and miss it. Lent feels like a new season, so maybe working on those tweaks can happen then.

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