Wearing all the clothes

I suspect I am in a minority in my work from home wardrobe being very similar to my work in an office wardrobe.  In fact, it is the same.   

The early mornings are spent in running gear (it is still making me giggle when I write as if this has been happened for years, the last few early mornings I mean!).  Then I am getting dressed into my normal work clothes, which are fairly casual anyway, so very easy to wear wherever I am.   Then at the end of the work day I am getting changed again into ‘home’ clothes.  Definitely no pyjamas all day.

I am going through the hassle of getting changed a few times a day in an attempt to create some mental boundaries to my day.  I don’t think I am more able to focus when dressed in the ‘right’ clothes, I don’t need the structure of a uniform for work.  

But the opposite is definitely true, I do definitely need the moment of changing clothes in order to switch off.  And right now, the hardest thing is moving my brain from a work day into an evening.  Usually, my daily structure is provided by the journey home from work at the end of a working day.  The journey home is rarely at the same time every day, but nevertheless it happens. And when I arrive home, I tend to get changed.  Usually because I have been in those clothes for 12 hours and could do with a change, or the evening activity needs different clothes for whatever reason.

There is no real need to change now, I haven’t travelled across the country or raced to and from stations.  The clothes that I have comfortably been wearing all day, I could comfortably wear all evening.  But, I still need that signal that I am switching off the work focus for the day.  And changing my clothes is a good way to do that.  For this week at least.

I am very grateful that I have a wardrobe full of clothes I love and we have had a beautiful sunny week so far, so we’ve got lots of washing done and dry in the spring sunshine.

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