Nothing to say

This blog has now existed for about fifteen months and I enjoy it, but nevertheless I am struggling to keep going with the habit of writing. So far this morning I have checked where I need to be for work today, I have texted a friend, I have glanced at work emails and checked personal emails. Just about anything but write this.

I really cannot get to the bottom of the procrastination, as soon as I start writing I get absorbed in it. I get to 250 words on something and enjoy the editing part of the process too. The aim was to challenge myself to write something short and cohesive quickly. It’s a good way to hone skills I use a lot and to find a “voice”. And to practise not using “try” and “just” and “it seems” in every other sentence. Honestly, most of the time is spent deleting those three lazy vocabulary safety blankets.

I have less of a thrill when I post, I wonder whether that is because I am not reacting to comments and thoughts via Facebook as quickly. Or maybe it is all because I do not really have anything more to say. That may very well be true, but I do enjoy writing, so I want to find something to say.

It is now Wednesday as I write this paragraph, the three above were written on Tuesday – so much for staying focussed. I mentioned Facebook and had a “squirrel moment” (love Up!) and went to investigate that instead. Which then lured me into downloading Facebook on my phone. Not quite what was intended with blogging, ah well. Right, posting this now, the title says it all folks. Happy Wednesday, may you find something to say.

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