Running out of thoughts

I think I could have anticipated this, but I feel like I have run out of things to say today.  Not that I haven’t got lots in my head, I have, it is a busy season at work and at home, there is a lot on my mind at the moment. But it’s too busy.

I am very aware that in order to be as efficient as I can be I need rest, which is proper sleep and some time not doing anything.   That’s not the same as doing something really good for my brain like a mediation or a yoga session, or even taking an Instagram photo of whatever is in front of me.  Those things are good to do, but that is still being deliberate and active in some way, Instead I need to let mind wander and not think about anything in particular.

It is doing nothing. I firmly believe this gives the brain time to put all the busyness together in a useful way.  I’m also sure it’s where my brain finds the ability to write, to have good ideas, to think up effective processes.

Sleep is also in relatively short supply.  I sleep well, and do everything I can to make sure that is the case.  As long as my exercise routines are in place and I don’t accidentally drink tea late in the day, I can sleep.  I need a lot of sleep though, at least seven hours, anything less and I can feel my brain slowing down.  I sincerely hope no one else can tell, but I certainly can.  It’s one reason I try and write this early in the morning, if I struggle to write, it’s a sign I have not slept enough.

So today I need to find time to stare out the window.  To go for a gentle walk at lunch time instead of trying to do chores. To get to bed early enough that the mind has time to recover.



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