Getting through the dark mornings

It’s that odd time of year of clock changes in UK.  It always amazes me what an effect it has on me.  How can just one hour of time difference discombobulate me for several days?  It was quite hard to keep time last night as it felt so much earlier than it actually was, so I did rely very heavily on looking at the time closely.  I just did not feel tired at my usual bedtime, so found myself reading and chatting to a friend on WhatsApp instead of sleeping, so of course I feel a bit more tired.  The mornings are suddenly so dark – I do feel like I have woken up in the middle of the night.

This week is all about adjusting.  Relishing the light evenings is easy.  We spent Sunday evening in the pub waxing lyrical about the sunshine, light evenings, the general feeling of wellbeing that a beautiful spring day brings.  This evening may include a quick walk after dinner – something that only ever happens in the light evenings.

The mornings are being faced by a grim determination to reset the body clock – making sure I get up with the alarm and get moving and that we get out to see the sunrise.  Although rainy skies this morning may put an end to that.

Hopefully it will all feel normal by the weekend, but has anyone else got any tips?  Does everyone struggle like this?pexels-photo-359989.jpeg

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