Resolutions galore

I made the rash, and possibly gin-fuelled, decision to have quarterly resolutions this year.  The process of making resolutions over the Christmas period when I have no work and lots of free time and alcohol has always struck me as less than wise.

So as well as the word of the year being ‘slower’, I will have four different but connected quarterly words and a list of resolutions to guide me to the overall resolutions in the year.  I am laughing quietly to myself as I write this.  My ability to over-complicate my own life amuses me greatly.  But although some find it complicated, I do genuinely love it. I gain huge amounts of energy from having a written focus for the year, from having something to reflect on.  At the same time, what worked in January probably won’t feel relevant in August, so this method may give me some flexibility.

Although it may not sound it from the complexity of the process, I am incredibly kind and generous to myself within the framework.  So what if I did not complete all I set out to?  So what if I abandoned several projects on the way?  So what if no one else can see any transformation or progress, or even anything slightly different?

The aim is never to decide the end destination, it’s just to give a bit of a framework and focus to what I do.  I have 168 hours to fill every week and my hope and dream for the resolution framework is to make sure that I am spending those hours mindfully and intentionally.  But kindly and generously as well.  A fair amount of them are dedicated to sleep or rest for example.

Having the guidance of resolutions makes saying no a bit easier.  I cannot do everything, so sometimes it helps to know what the priority is.  That gives me some focus.  And I love having focus.

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