When the brain won’t focus

Starting every day, when my timetable allows, by writing this blog serves well to focus my mind first thing in the morning.

That focus feels impossible today, so this will be a short piece.

It is a busy weekend ahead, filled with friends and Birmingham Children’s Book Group at Bourneville Book Fest, theatre, food, walking and Palm Sunday.  This could be why I am struggling to be succinct or to find focus – the sheer variety of the weekend is making my brain buzz with excitement.

To add to that, I slept less than the ideal amount last night, so my brain function may not be optimal.

“Brain busy” is a weakness of mine, it strikes so often and is generally a good feeling. This is not an anxious buzzing of the brain, it’s a feeling of excitement and anticipation.  And exactly what I need to calm with my intention of being slower.   Finding focus when there is lots to do and think about is still the goal.  One that feels a way off this morning.


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