A word for the year

The start of spring feels like a good time to revisit the myriad resolutions I made for myself in 2018.  Why I feel the need to make so many is potentially another blog.

All are framed around a concept new to me, but one which others enjoy: having a single word as theme for the year.  Mine is “slower”.  Not “slow” – that would be unachievable in all areas of my life except running, which is snail pace already and driving, which is slow enough to annoy most other drivers on the road.  The speed limit is not a negotiable guideline.  Except on the motorway, when – really?  70?

But “slower” is working well so far.  It is far from achieved, but then it is only March and I am working out still what it actually means to be slower.

One of the aims was to be more considered in what I choose to do and not do.  I fitted in a couple of things over the weekend that were totally unplanned and changed my Saturday from a day of pretty much nothing to a day filled with interesting people, who made me think about what I do in my spare time and made me consider some other goals.

Slower means thinking about what I fit in – how will I feel if I do or do not invite that person in for a cuppa rather than her just drop the things off?  The answer was of course that I would feel that my day was a bit more productive, it gave me some food for thought and I felt a bit more energised.  It was worth considering my response and not just quickly sticking to the schedule in my mind.

I am not convinced that anyone can see “slower” in action, but I can feel it in my brain.

PS: I failed on the target of 26 hours this weekend, managing a measly 22 I reckon. pexels-photo-12832.jpeg

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