Lighten the year

Last year I experimented with having a single word theme for the year and I enjoyed the experiment, so this year I am continuing the process. The word for this year is “Lighten”.

It took me a while to get there, the foundation was originally the word “play”, but I couldn’t quite get a grip on what play could mean in terms of work or even some of the volunteering I do. It felt too much like it was describing something I actively need to do – spend some more time just playing for the sake of fun, rather than everything having some bigger purpose.

So my thinking developed the theme into lighten. It will hopefully have many results. I do need to take more time to just muck around – preferably not on social media, but you know what, I love instagram and so have spent a bit more time taking photos and just posting for the fun of it. I want to spend more time enjoying being creative, because, it’s fun. That will be a challenge, as it could take more time than I feel I have.

I shall also try and lighten my workload. Not the paid work, I would like to increase that, but definitely looking at what I do in my non-paid time and reduce some of those obligations which feel less fun. I would like to make it a light relief from the day job, not an addition to the email and meeting load.

I need to lighten some of the domestic load too – reducing the contents of the house, giving it a lick of paint. All that will happen later in the year though.

Lightening feels very aspirational on this dark return to work Monday morning though. A new year is a good time to feel aspirational though. Here’s to a lighter 2019.

Lightening the mood, remembering the blue skies of holiday.

Weather ranting

No one wants to read angry tirades first thing in the morning, but I am compelled to write in outrage.  The subject of my ire is of course, the weather.  I got woken up in the night by wind howling through the room and the sound of rain hammering against the window.  This morning my commute is going to be soggy to say the least.

I am a firm believer in the adage of no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.  But the correct clothing for unseasonably cold, wet, windy weather combined with hot trains and tubes and a day of business meetings is impossible even for those less sartorially challenged than I.

I have tried staring out the window and accepting that the weather is what it is.  To no avail.   I am trying to think gratefully of my amazing winter coat which keeps out cold and wet. What, I have to wear it again?

I am utterly fed up of this cold grey sky that is determined to drive me nuts this year. Winter just needs to go now, I demand spring.


PS obviously none of this changes the fact that I am going to get very wet this morning, but I do feel better for a teenage-style rant in writing.  This is what my teenage diaries were like.  Honestly! Stay dry and warm folks.

OK, OK, it’s nowhere near this bad.  But I am having a moment.