Weather ranting

No one wants to read angry tirades first thing in the morning, but I am compelled to write in outrage.  The subject of my ire is of course, the weather.  I got woken up in the night by wind howling through the room and the sound of rain hammering against the window.  This morning my commute is going to be soggy to say the least.

I am a firm believer in the adage of no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing.  But the correct clothing for unseasonably cold, wet, windy weather combined with hot trains and tubes and a day of business meetings is impossible even for those less sartorially challenged than I.

I have tried staring out the window and accepting that the weather is what it is.  To no avail.   I am trying to think gratefully of my amazing winter coat which keeps out cold and wet. What, I have to wear it again?

I am utterly fed up of this cold grey sky that is determined to drive me nuts this year. Winter just needs to go now, I demand spring.


PS obviously none of this changes the fact that I am going to get very wet this morning, but I do feel better for a teenage-style rant in writing.  This is what my teenage diaries were like.  Honestly! Stay dry and warm folks.

OK, OK, it’s nowhere near this bad.  But I am having a moment.

In need of sunshine

I read a great line yesterday about snow in late March no longer feeling like weather, but more like a personal attack.  The sentiment does ring true now.  There is a running joke in the family that every time we pack away the thermal layers it snows.  Yesterday, they were put back into their cupboard and an hour later the Met Office issued a yellow warning for snow on Monday.

Today, Good Friday, is traditionally a clear-up-the-garden day in our house, so we can be ready for the weekend’s visitors and lovely hours spent sitting in the gentle spring sunshine on the patio chairs, all newly brushed down, whilst the children rush around finding eggs.  Well that is what happens in my head anyway.

Instead, we are checking weather reports and challenging my planning abilities.

Fortunately, we always have a wet weather alternative, and although I am relinquishing day dreams of Sunday afternoon spent on the patio sipping prosecco whilst the youngsters entertain each other by hunting eggs, we will of course have fun.

Meanwhile, I have memories of a glorious warm sunny spring day last weekend, which felt like it topped up fuel reserves for a few weeks.  I am continuing taking Vitamin D and getting outside as much as I possibly can.  My other tactic is booking camping trips, that always gives me hope that summer is inevitable.

And I possibly ought to remember that it is just weather, it’s not a personal attack at all.