Enforced downtime

One very important strategy in a full-on work period was enforced rest this weekend.   I have just corrected that word ‘rest’ – originally it said ‘nothing’.  Resting is not doing nothing though, and this weekend it was meticulously planned to make sure I ahd time properly resting, and time being social and active.

I met a friend of Friday afternoon (one of my two afternoons off in a week) and hung out with the teen a bit.  I went to a yoga class and then out for dinner with the husband.  A good mix of social and exercise and a lot of fun in all cases.  Saturday morning involved a run in the rain, another yoga class and a list of relatively quick chores and a lot of laundry.  With that done then I felt very entitled to be less active.  I read, I slept and I watched a lot of TV.

I was very tempted to carry on with that on Sunday, but TV was making my head hurt and it was feeling too isolated.

Instead, Sunday was a day of going to church then having the family over for Sunday lunch. A post-lunch snooze (yes, we’re the sort of family who has a race for a sofa for a snooze) was followed by a walk in the local country park.  You could tell the dogs were happy with the return of the autumn/winter routine.

I then enforced more rest, whilst deliberately stopping me from hitting the sofa and watching more TV by getting out a jigsaw puzzle.  And also cooking an apple crumble with the apple we had found on our walk.   Definitely happy family time.

Hopefully that deliberate resting has set me up well for the week ahead.

the first jigsaw of the season


Family connections

I am always intrigued by families, many of us, maybe even most of us, tend to speak about the strangeness of our families, or the unusual connections between different members of the families.  So much so that I tend to doubt the existence of the so-called normal family.  It’s not to be found in my life anyway.

For a whole complex variety of reasons, I have only recently met my extended maternal family, sadly it was instigated in the first instance by a funeral after the sad death at a young age of my cousin, may he rest in peace.

That funeral opened connections, and those connections continued thanks in a large part to social media platforms.

Happily, there are weddings also bringing us together, and yesterday was the second of those.  I am fascinated to discover shared family traits and a whole history I didn’t know about.  It’s a wonderful adventure to learn more about cousins – what their tastes are, what their jobs are and so on.

I am intrigued by my need to find shared traits though, I made it to my mid-forties not knowing if our need to get up early is a family thing – it is.  Or if a stubborn insistence in some of my immediate family to challenge authority is a maternal or paternal heritage – maternal it seems. But listening to stories of cousins and aunts and uncles, I am keen to find patterns.  I want to find me in the stories and the faces.

But much more than being intrigued, I am overwhelmed by their welcome to me.  And looking forward to forging more connections and finding more family links.   Now I need to organise a family party I think. I think it could be chaotic, I know it will be loud (that is definitely maternal heritage), but I am also sure that it will be great fun.

Here’s to family.

I have regaled with tales of canals, not peaceful green canals, way more Peaky Blinders.