Relishing running

In week one of isolation we have managed to go out for a short run every morning.  It has been lovely.  I am not always the most enthusiastic runner, but this strange time is certainly focussing the mind on what I can do and relishing every moment of what feels like real physical freedom in a time of restriction.  We run in the morning before starting work.  It helps the day go smoothly if we can get out and see nature, hear the birds, chat to the fellow dog walkers – from a distance of course. 

I walk every morning anyway, either walking the dog, or walking to a train station.  This week it has felt even better to run.  I know my usual exercise levels, which involve a lot of walking, are reducing greatly due to the restrictions to home, so getting in even a short burst of exercise at a slightly higher level seems wise.  We do not run for long – just 20 mins, maybe even less – and then we carry on walking for a while so the dog has a chance to sniff around a bit more.  

This week the stops for chats with our fellow dog walkers has felt like a priority, checking in on each other today, checking everyone has food and does not need anything, it is the usual lovely community stepping up a bit more.  The running has definitely suffered for the pauses to chat – we are possibly not going to improve fitness very quickly.

As it is early when we’re out, there are few people, but it is heartening to see proper runners working hard to keep their fitness levels up.  A cyclist yesterday was doing sprints along the path.  Meanwhile we trundle along in our gentle run with me exclaiming every few minutes about how beautiful it is to be out in the sun and how lucky we are that we can run.  I suspect the husband is getting rather bored of me being grateful and excited to be out of the house, but as the one who knows these are the only excursions she is allowed, then I reserve the right to be boring.

I am hugely grateful for a week of sun in week one of isolation, and for a partner who is patient with me being very verbose in my gratitude for that sun.