Sleeping badly, waking well

I have retreated back into the house from my bed this morning.  My bed had moved temporarily into the garden, albeit in a tent.  Last night was a record-breaking attempt by Northumberland Scouts to get 65,000 scouts sleeping out of their beds.  We have some small tents which fit in the garden, so we all moved out there for last night.  Camping in the garden is rather weird, but easy to keep warm, I just kept carrying bedding out of the house until I felt the nest would be warm enough.  And then I added a hot water bottle.

As is my habit when camping, I slept badly last night, very aware that I was not in my bed and slightly tense that I am going to get cold.  That is a risk in the UK in spring, but I wake up on night one camping in a heat wave in France worried that I may get cold.   The habit is very firmly that I sleep badly on the first night and then brilliantly after that.  But somehow sleeping badly when camping does not have a huge effect on the next day.  I reckon I sleep very soundly in between waking up and checking I am warm.

So this morning I woke up just after sunrise, loving the sound of the birds and feeling very refreshed.  The dog was hilarious, overly excited that we were waking up in a tent, but extremely determined that that was enough of the camping and we needed to head back to the house – all of 2 metres away from our heads.  To be fair there is dog food in the house and not in the tent.  And I admit that I haven’t gone back outside – there is coffee here and stepping back outside made me realise that it is actually quite chilly out there.

But I feel very exhilarated having done something different.  I feel like my brain has had a bit of a reset and that can only be good.  And I am not working today, so having a nap later is a possibility.