A Christmas revival

This has not been my year for blogging it turns out.  However, I have two weeks off work and I think I will dip back in.  First let me explain why I am not been able to write when I am not on holiday.  It is hugely practical, I could try and make it sound like I have been inflicted by a creative inability to be introspective or reflective in writing, because of the sheer time I have alone with my thoughts every day.  But that would be – errr – total nonsense (those who know me in person, know that the word in my head is not ‘nonsense’).

In reality, the reason is much more prosaic.  It’s my eyes.  It’s my back.  Yes.  I suspect it is my age.  Since 16thMarch my life has been focussed on two laptops, a monitor, and an iPhone.  For literally hours every day.  My work life is totally on the monitor and one of the laptops, with a huge amount of video calling in it.  My volunteering life is on the phone and my own laptop, with a lot of video calling.  My social life is pretty much via WhatsApp, text and Zoom.  There are occasional walks with friends and coffees outside depending on what is allowed.  My family life is in person with the lucky pair who still live with me.  With everyone else – yep it’s via a screen.  

I know none of this is all that different to lots of other people, but it has left me reassessing what I do in the downtime.  I started to suffer with eye strain and the thought of starting my day in front of a laptop as a hobby was just not pleasant.  I am doing all I can to overcome the physical stuff.  I have new specs for being on the computer.    I am conscious of moving around as much as I can and walking 10k steps every day.  I stand for some of the calls.   Most importantly I try and move away from the screens as much as I can in the day.  Hence not writing this in the mornings.  The days when I tried to get this written before marching up to the station to get on a train seem like the heady days of abandon now.  So, it feels like a treat to recapture some of that feeling of freedom by writing again in the mornings when I have a bit of screen-free space in the day.  

The variety of glasses needed to cope with 2020

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