Just start writing and see where the end of the sentence is.

This is not the way to write a blog, in fact it’s not the way to write anything at all.  You are supposed to start these things with a clear message or theme or subject that you wish to tackle.  You should have a clear idea of your audience and what interests them and what style of writing they prefer.

Instead I am starting an attempt to write a blog a day for a whole week – mainly to get me back into the habit of writing any blogs AT ALL.  And it’s late (by my standards, the offspring are adamant that 9.30pm is not late, but then they are also adamant that waking up at 6am is not possible, in fact it is not even a thing, just a weird hypothetical concept dreamt up by their mad mother). 

Where was I?  Oh yes, it’s late, I do not write coherently when it’s late.  As you can tell, I do not really hold a train of thought.   Anyway (if you’re still reading by this point – seriously, why? – cereal packets are better worded than this!), it’s far too late for me to be thinking up themes, but I was going to write a blog every day this week and Monday is a day in this week, so here I am, writing a blog.  And the title is the thought I had when I started it, so let’s just stick with that.  

It has been an excellent day, in no small part because I have chatted to friends over coffee on a video call, to a good friend on the phone, to my Mum on FaceTime and been for a now-allowed socially-distant walk with a friend on her birthday.   And I spent a bit of time in the garden repotting mint (possibly killing mint, but as I have no proof of that yet, I’m going with the term ‘repotting’).  And we finished a jolly hard jigsaw which had been lying around taunting us for a while.   All in amongst working and doing two workouts.

And I wrote a blog.  Job done.  Goodnight.

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