The Easter weekend

We had a really good Easter weekend, everything considered.  It was definitely difficult at times, but the celebrations of Easter Sunday outweighed the sadder moments.  The day was a virtual gathering of our extended family over six households which were all isolating.  Usually four of those households gather physically in my house. The day was planned around our usual Easter morning church attendance and the usual lunchtime Easter feast.  

Neither of those two points in the day were usual of course, Mass happened via YouTube in our sitting room. The lunch was only for four instead of the usual thirteen. But they happened as always and were very good.  

The day was further punctuated by planned zoom conversations with everyone joining in.  The first was a coffee (ok so I was on Bucks Fizz) greeting fairly early in the day, it was lovely to see all the children early on and see their excitement and just generally to all come together on what is always a family celebration. 

The following calls got down to the serious business of egg hunting, fiercely-fought Easter themed competitions.  It was hilarious.  For me anyway.  I spent the calls quietly sipping coffee (and more Bucks Fizz) watching over-excited younger children or slightly reluctant teens on cameras and feeling lots of sympathy for their exhausted parents.

The egg hunts were brilliant.  My brother set up a proper one with each family hunting for eggs which had been hidden in places that corresponded with clues coming from hundreds of miles away – magic.  There was a very good egg hunt with the camera operated by the oldest cousins who were well able to gently guide the younger eyes to the eggs.  It must be noted that the older eyes of the grandparents got very excited at egg hunting too.  The funniest egg hunt involved younger cousins operating cameras – their parents were very brave to let their phones be used.  The camera operators moved very fast and a bit randomly, but almost all the eggs were collected as they were yelled at by family members.  I am not sure we really got to see all the eggs, but they all ended up in a bucket as intended.  Expcept for one which was rather close to a hen named Bill and the young camera operators declared themselves far too scared of Bill to retrieve the egg.

There were competitions in many different categories. The best Easter joke – most of which were of the surreal nature that young children seem to favour and which I generally find hilarious anyway.  The best bunny hopping and the most chocolatey face, both involved video and photo entries as well as live inspection of hopping abilities.  There was much egg decorating, with so much creativity on show.

At the end of the day I felt like we had really spent the day together, five zoom calls had been tiring that is for sure and hugely chaotic at times.  But a usual Easter Sunday together is tiring and chaotic, but that does not make it any less brilliant.  Looking back on the day now it really does feel like we had a great day together, good memories were made.  Chicks were born during the day in the hen-keeping household which was a lovely thing to see happen.

And there were demands for us all to regroup on the Monday morning to check in with each other again, which I am taking as confirmation that we all had a good time.  

I hope your Easter was as fun as it could be.

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