Things that are strangely redundant

There are certain things that I use a lot in normal life which seem useless in lockdown life.  I sometimes need to get out my debit card (no I cannot remember the CVC code!).  It is in my purse (my wallet for my US friends).  I do not need my purse.  I have touched it a few times as I have gone to get that card.  I could easily keep the card near my laptop, my purse is not needed.

My purse is in my handbag (which is my purse, US friends). Now that is really redundant.  Why on earth does a woman who never leaves the house need a handbag?  Which is an odd feeling.

I love my Stojo collapsible coffee cup, which was last used on a trip to London five weeks ago.  My Oyster card and office pass have been languishing in my work bag for the same length of time.

I have a lovely coffee cup/flask which I have not used at all, coffee in the garden does not really need a travel cup.  I had a couple of half-read books on a Kindle and the e-reader app from the library.  Both felt redundant with all the paper books I can now read without worry about their weight in my bag on train journeys. But eventually I remembered I was half way through the books and so have picked them up.  But will abandon them again in all likelihood, I really only have them for travelling.

I am not using my car, but others in the family are as they do the fetching and carrying for me, so it’s not really redundant, just not used by me.  

I have written before about shoes and wearing those even in the house.  But as the weather gets warmer I must admit to moving back into my favourite barefoot mode with the addition of flipflops if really necessary. Shoes are becoming more redundant, even sandals – who can be bothered with buckles when flip-flops exist?

What is not redundant is lipstick, I look awful on camera without it and I spend a lot of my day on camera nowadays.  And if you want a totally frivolous silly moment today, may I recommend Bobby Brown’s lipstick selector facility on their website?  

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