Preparing the garden

For the purposes of this blog I am stepping outside myself and being curious about what is happening during this strange time of social distancing.  Although I am now at home for the next 12 weeks, others in the family are able to head out, but that is limited to food buying, and there is not loads of that needed.  Food will be another blog I think.

This weekend has been about the physical space.  I have not nested like this since about April 2003.  And it felt exactly the same drive and urge this weekend.  I am assuming this was a psychological rather than hormonal urge, but I had a feeling of urgency that I can only compare with pregnancy nesting.   I had a specific need to get the patio tidied and the garden raked and cleared. 

All the family is now here in the house, the uni student and all his clobber arrived back on Saturday.  The garden will be an important part of the next 12 weeks.  At the moment we can and do walk the surrounding streets and paths every day, but as the lockdown gets more stringent that may of course change.  And in our normal days we are out of the house a lot.  I walk a lot, I travel a lot.  A few walks in the surrounding area is going to feel different.  The garden is going to be an important part of life.   We are so incredibly lucky to have it.  We have seats aplenty and a table out there, we have space to put up our little tents.  I can foresee working from the garden, meals on the patio and weekends under canvas – the latter is my latest scheme to make weekends feel a bit different.  The neighbours are going to think we’re bonkers by the end of this. Correction, the neighbours are going to know we’re bonkers at the end of this.

All the gardening had the benefit of getting us outside, doing something physical, working together as a team and a certain amount of horseplay from the younger family members.  It was a good way to settle the uni student back in the family and to get us all back into the garden and familiarise ourselves with a space that is largely abandoned in the winter, due to it getting extremely waterlogged, and well, me being a fair-weather gardener.

For now, it is a real treat to see a garden that is now usable and I’m hugely grateful for having any outdoor space and having a bin collection to take away the garden waste we have created.

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