“More questions than answers”

Somebody has just been quoted on the news as saying that an announcement yesterday leaves them with “more questions than answers” – well that is stating the obvious in these strange times.  I am now working from home until 15th June.  

But for now, I am not thinking that far ahead, I just can’t, I can’t get my head around summer yet – it’s mid-March.  And as the expert on the news says, there are few answers in my head right now, but a lot of questions.  Which is understandable.  Unprecedented means that no one has experience of living in a country where we start to isolate from in each other.  I am still not clear what it means now, but that’s ok for now.

Monday evening I thought and chatted about the effects of this on Scouts. Tuesday was spent working out what this means for work.  In amongst it all is the emotional work of sorting out what it means for the whole family.

Yesterday I felt agitated, I was physically discombobulated as well as having all the questions we all do.  It was the first day that three of us were working from home so it was hard to settle as people had to retrieve items from work places, try and figure out where they can work in our house and so on.  I failed to get out for a walk first thing, which was silly of me.

So today is about accepting there are lots of questions and there are few answers yet.  But we’ll get to the answers very soon.  And today is about being clear about what helps: having a routine; writing a blog; running outside; not listening to the news; taking regular breaks from work to get outside; being patient with each other as we settle down.

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