Welcoming spring

The start of March has changed the weather.  The annual maternal warnings about March and lambs and lions are being ignored this year (sorry Mum), I am living in the joy of a clear early spring day yesterday.  At one point at the weekend we exclaimed about the feeling of warmth in the sun as we found a moment in sun and out of the wind.  And yesterday the sun shone and the wind had disappeared.

Our morning run felt much easier without any wind or rain and with less avoidance of puddles and muddy patches needed.  The birds were singing and there was a pretty mist rising from the water.  I felt like I had had more sunshine on my face in that one run than I had in the whole of February.  I relished moments outdoors in my work day and the late afternoon sunshine as I ventured out for various chores.

One sunny spring day fills me with joy, it is tangible proof that for everything there is a season and seasons change.  I feel hopeful and that is a good way to tackle the worries of work deadlines, coronavirus, climate change, a poorly dog and an ever-increasing list of tasks that must be tackled in my volunteering life and around the house (yes, my worries range from the trivial to the devastating).  All those worries may make me feel grey and gloomy in any one moment of the day, but the light and warmth will return, often the next moment.  And I am ignoring the sound of rain on the window as I write this.  Spring is here. Honestly.

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