Coming home and snarling

I am writing this on a train about 60 hours since I last saw my home.  I am in the middle of high travel week – work and social – and am definitely feeling weary.  However also very grateful.  I have managed to avoid all delays caused by Storm Ciara and that is no small feat over the last 36 hours.

I love travelling, I always have, but, and I suspect this has been a blog post before, I do so very much love getting home.  It has not always been that way.  For many years home was not necessarily a haven from anything, so going home did not fill me with much joy.  

Now however, it does.  And however tired I am today as I get toward the end of a very long work day, (with a church meeting still to go), after a brilliantly full and sociable weekend, I am very much filled with happiness that I am nearly home. 

Although when I finally get there, I will do not much more than hug the humans and the dog and climb into bed, snarling at anyone who dares to ask me a single thing about what I have been doing in the last 60 hours.  I am never keen on the “how was your day” question.  In fact I am writing this in the hope that just writing the word “snarling” it will persuade my better self to come to the fore.  Although I suspect that the snarling version of me is why my family are all fairly happy for me to go away a lot.

This post was not supposed to be about me behaving badly, but now I’ve started the thought process, why on earth do I do it?  In my defence (and I should be less defensive I think!) it is part of my sheer relief and sense of being back in my own surroundings again.  I just want to relish it and not talk about it.  At least not straight away and not when I am so travel weary.

Although frankly, “how was your day?” irritates me when I am working from home with zero travel weariness in the mix.  I am self-aware enough to know I get irritated, but no idea as yet as to why.  At least when I work it out I shall have something else to write about.

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