Reaching the word count

One of the reasons I have greatly reduced by blog frequency is the sheer distraction that is offered by my laptop in the morning.  This blog is a self-indulgent way to spend my morning time.  That is definitely not a bad thing at all, I believe in self-indulgence as a way to improve energy and patience for the rest of the day.  I just get distracted once I switch on the laptop, so instead I have been reading rather than blogging recently, that keeps me focussed.  And I don’t need to get out of bed – a definite benefit in the winter.

The truth of life in the early 21st century is that much of it takes place electronically, so booting up a laptop offers lots of distractions and opportunities to “get things done”.  I am a bit addicted to getting things done.  I could be balancing the accounts or doing some useful and overdue Scouting admin.  I could be researching the new oven we need or booking the camping trip we are due to take.  There’s a Facebook group to administer, a news story I would like to investigate further.  The world is on this laptop it feels.

This morning I have given myself a stern talking to and have dragged myself off the Facebook group and am stuck to this page until I have reached my word count.  Which, come to think of it, isn’t really self-indulgent, it’s rather good practice for the rest of life and a chance to focus on one task until it is satisfactorily completed.  Not perfectly completed mind you, oh no, perfection is not mine and I avoid it like the plague because striving for perfection a great way to encourage procrastination and a lack of focus.  This morning, done is definitely good enough.  

And that’s me at the word count, so I’m out of here and back to the distractions.  

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