Wardrobe refresh

Yesterday I decided to leap out of my comfort zone. A massive huge leap into the world of clothes. I am not a keen shopper, I have always hated buying clothes. As some may remember, last year was a year of buying from charity shops to get me more into the habit of browsing rails with little financial risk.

Friday was a massive leap into “proper” clothes buying. One of my 2019 resolutions was to book a personal shopping session somewhere. It happened yesterday afternoon.

For two whole hours the lovely and enthusiastic Nina from John Lewis in Birmingham soothed and encouraged me through a whole variety of colours, fabrics and fits.

It was utterly exhausting – as moving out of the comfort zone often is – as well as really, really good fun. I have discovered green. And some brilliant trousers. And blouses.

Last night I felt tired and a bit overwhelmed. But this morning it was great fun to go to the wardrobe and pick out a top that fits well and is a bit different to the usual “uniform”

Hurrah for feeling uncomfortable for a little bit.

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