Transition blues

Oh I do hate the transition from holiday to work, from school hols to school term, from summer to winter. Even from day to night if I am honest. So this is a hard week and I am grasping at all the comforts I can. This is a litany of comforts in an attempt to persuade myself that all is well this dark cold January evening

I love a routine, you know I do, I am trying very very hard to cling to a sense of joy of the work routine being back. I love my job and the people I work with and it is great to catch up with them all.

I had the first piano lesson of the year yesterday and it is fun to practise. I have sought solace in scales this evening.

My resolution to create more means I have started to embroider a thing – it’s fun, its’s soothing. I started surrounded by funny, cool, clever women whom I adore.

The 2019 reading targets loom large, so I am stuck into a good book and have downloaded a new audio book as well.

All my favourite podcasters and bloggers will be getting back into the rhythm this week, so I can catch up with them.

My diary is chock full of cool, lovely stuff with great people – especially this weekend, which is looking delightful – and full of good food, friends and family.

All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well. Repeat until transition complete.

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