Not catching up at all

The title is a follow up to the blog earlier in the week , where I made the rash assumption that I would be able to catch up with all the things I have put to one side over the break. I can’t catch up. I just need the break from everything and not to use time off work to fill the hours with things that frankly look a lot like work.

At the time of writing we are six days into the new year with all its resolutions and promises of more efficiency and more productivity. Frankly, I am tired and need these last few days of rest before the start of work tomorrow. I am not doing the admin jobs which I am supposed to be doing to “get ahead” before I enter back into the new routine.

Instead what I have done in the last couple of days is use the time hang out with people I can’t see because they and I are at work. I have been able to be spontaneous in meeting up with people. I have been able to spend lots of time planning some creative projects and getting stuck into a good book. I have indulged in a daily yoga practice.

I am hoping that I will not feel too overwhelmed with the task I have put to one side by the time we get to next weekend, but for now, I have just crossed some of the “catching up” tasks from today’s to-do list and put them into the correct place of next week. Fingers crossed the two weeks of rest and relaxation will have helped me cope with them all then!

One thought on “Not catching up at all”

  1. Oh brilliant. That makes me feel much better about having spent the morning reading the paper…and postponing starting back on to do list.. thank you

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