Relishing a rest – and catching up

The promised review of last year never transpired, mainly because I went on holiday and did what I should do on every holiday – rest. I am still on leave from work this week and am determined to make the most of it and really rest in an attempt to build up immunity to the lurgies which envelope us at this time of year.

I have, however, spent some lovely time reviewing last year and what has gone well and what I need to work on a bit more this year. I know, it’s a fairly arbitrary time to make resolutions, but I love doing so, so any excuse works for me.

The holiday gave me a chance to reflect on what worked in 2018 – I missed this blog (a good sign I felt), I finished a couple of books to reach my reading target for the year, which had been a big increase on 2017’s target. I am still not a prolific reader, but averaging 3 books a month feels good to me now, as I started with an average of about 0.25 books per month.

I spent a lot of the holiday walking up and down hills, so my increased fitness was really obvious to me, as was my more controlled intake of food, so the Slimming World/running/yoga combo has done me the world of good.

in reviewing my year , I really appreciated my attempts at reflecting on each day. I experimented with a sentence-a-day type of journal, which worked intermittently. But where it did work it was great – a lovely record of things that have happened over the year, brief, but obviously what felt most important every day. People always seem to be important, as does resting. Both thoughts have influenced the choice of 2019’s goals. More on those to come. Depending on whether I ever get back to full speed.

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