Making myself rest

This could be the most repetitive theme of this blog, because it’s something I need to focus on.  I am good at resting, when I really focus on it, I do not do it automatically.   I automatically fill every evening with meetings and social events. I automatically agree to travel most days for work. I automatically try and squeeze as many activities as possible into a weekend.  I automatically book a holiday for every period of leave I have from work.  Booking in rest needs to be a deliberate break from the automatic impulse to fill out the diary.

Today is a day that was booked as rest.  I had a very minor surgical procedure yesterday on my leg, so I need to rest it. Not stop totally, but definitely not do as much as normal.  I am not in work, having taken a couple of days off.  And yesterday, post-procedure I was very well-behaved.  I slept lots, I watched TV, I caught up with some friends online. I rested.

I have woken up this morning having slept really well and my challenge now is that the leg does not hurt very much at all.  Which means I am overcome with the impulse to crack on with normal life.  There is a teeny tiny voice in my head though that is warning me that if I do that, I may not be quite so pain-free by tomorrow.  And another teeny part of me that remembers the post-operative notes telling me not to stand too much and to keep the leg elevated. In other words – not quite normal activity just yet.  Oh, yes and the nurse looked at me like I was possibly crazy when I asked her could I run on it.  She said I can, but not for a few days.  It’s the last part of that sentence that I need to remind myself of this morning.

To all those people whom I boss around when they’re poorly, insisting that they rest and take care of themselves, this is your time to preach that patience and the gospel of rest back to me please.

proof that I do put my feet up sometimes.


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