Relishing the change of the seasons

I am feeling the pain of the longer nights, reduced sunlight and lower temperatures of autumn.  Partly because autumn in the UK seems to have happened very quickly and has involved a lot of rain.  After a long hot summer the change seems to be harder to deal with.

The other part of the problem is that I don’t think I have a particular “autumn mode”.  I do enjoy autumn with its colours and its dramatic weather, but those are fairly passive things.  Spring is about starting off the new year outside – clearing the garden, deciding what plants we may need to plant.  Summer is about relishing the light and fresh air and being outside at every opportunity.  Winter is about relishing the cosiness of home, about making the most of candles and lamps and warm blankets.

I don’t have that short hand enjoyment of autumn, so I find myself floundering.  I suspect that it is the sheer overwhelming shock of September which meteorologically seems to contain summer and winter combined.  My instinct is to start to wind down in autumn and prepare for the more inside existence of winter and yet September is a month of winding up.  Even if you do not have a school child or teacher in the house, there is no escaping the post-summer ramping up of activity and the ‘new year’ feeling of September.  That is at odds with the instinct to prepare for hibernation.

Maybe I need to stop thinking of September as part of any season, it is a month like no other, by far the busiest month in any year.  One of the most joyous due to a plethora of family birthdays.  One that feels like a new start and gives all the opportunities of January.

The weather’s a bit rubbish, but I need to learn to enjoy the excitement of not quite knowing what tomorrow will bring.  This could be why those more keen on fashion than I, get very excited about ‘transition pieces’?

Here’s to relishing a month of possibility and change and fulness.

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