The looming housework

I may be partially writing this as an explanation for anyone who is visiting us this weekend.  As we have a family celebration, there will be several.  My house is a bit grubby.  It has not always been so, in the past I have had a strict cleaning routine and have even paid for a cleaner.

Something in the past few years changed.  I don’t seem to care so much. The house is clean enough, but so far from spotless, or even tidy, that I feel like I am a different person from the one I used to be.

Partially this is because my offspring got older and my work hours increased whereas husband’s decreased. And it was still only me that really worried about housework.  It is not and never has been me that just does the housework.  (I need to write another blog post about just division of labour in the home – or caring for children).  The issue is the concern, the anxiety, the waste of my emotional energy caring about it.  No one else in the family cares.  They do the chores, but don’t think it is necessary to prioritise domestic tasks. They get done if we have time – there is no emotional involvement with vacuuming carpets, there is not judgement on the state of the bath.

So – I changed my outlook.  We are relatively clean and tidy, so it is very liveable and hygienically safe. Instead of me worryinga, we all just have a quick tidy up and clean when it looks like it needs a bit of extra effort, but all together and in a really limited way – just an hour at a time.

And instead of cleaning or tidying – I am writing this blog.  I can’t do everything, but I can do things which are productive, rather than those which are actually not important.  Although – visitors for this weekend may rest assured, I do think it is important to have a quick clean up this weekend.

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