Blogging in the dark from a field

I love the start of September. Love it. It’s a time of new starts, there is anticipation in the air. It’s like January, but with sunlight. And this weekend – warmth and incredible sunshine.

To be honest, I am desperately persuading myself that I love September. I think I should for all the reasons above.

In reality it’s also a time of big change from the school holiday vibe of lazy mornings, long, unscheduled evenings, no traffic and empty train carriages.

Next week will be traffic jams and standing room only whilst my head swims with trying to work out what the family schedule looks like for this term.

I approached this weekend in the rather negative frame of mind of having “too much to do” to be able to relax. That is total rubbish of course. So I gave myself a serious talking to and got a grip.

I have had a few hours of racing around doing chores, but have mostly been lounging around at the wonderful Moseley Folk Festival, listening to good music, eating festival food and basking in hot sun.

Next week will be as it is whether I sit at home inventing crazy deadlines or not. Having a clear desk and sorting out that one shelf will probably not make huge amounts of difference to next week. I shall be stressed out whatever, I simply find this week hard with its step change in mood.

But for now. I do genuinely love the feeling of new possibilities and new starts in the sunshine. Writing this from a festival field serves to remind me of that. And offsets the melancholy of Jim White who is singing at the moment.

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