Rebel Rebel

I had a quiet weekend this weekend, followed by a Monday evening with very little planned.  And I didn’t really fill any of that time with anything in particular.  We browsed some shops and drank lots of coffee and hung out with some friends, but it was all very low key.  Yesterday evening I flicked through a magazine and browsed social media.  Just, you know, kicking back and doing nothing really.

That feels so deliciously counter-cultural in these days of even our mediation or prayer time having an app associated with it, even our strolls through the park leading to a move streak on the wearable tech measuring every step I take between the coffee machine and the outside sofa.

I am as guilty as anyone of being sucked into the concept of what “gets measured gets done”.  This month, I am going to rebel against it.  I may not be able to rebel against the demon circles of Apple Watch just yet (that is an addiction too big!), but I am easing off on making sure I run three times a week or yoga twice, or meditate every day – or whatever other blather I hold over myself.  It is the busy season at work and I have got myself into a busy season elsewhere in life.  So, in the bits that I don’t need to make busy, I am going to very deliberately not measure or record or even worry about them.

Let’s see how long this lasts?  Now, let’s switch on the coffee machine, I have 15 minutes before I need to work.

Some of the coffee has been iced.




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