The time is going fast

pKCGBpdcSx+AR2h9t4p7+QIt’s the start of July. Half the year has gone.  I remember my grandmother saying the years fly by when you’re older.  She was saying it to teenage me who thought the idea was crazy, obviously it’s not, it’s totally true.  This year I am trying to slow time down by reflecting more on it.

The theory is that if you sit back and think about what you’re doing it imprints itself in your memory a bit more, so you feel you have had more time.   I am really not sure I have the hang of it yet though.

I tried a sentence a day journaling method, which was a bit hit and miss last month, having been very diligently completed in May.  I have also been trying to keep a gratitude list, which is a good way to relive the tiny moments of a day.  And ending the day by reviewing the to-do list and crossing things off, abandoning things or moving onto tomorrow’s list work well to keep everything fresh in my mind. I was rubbish at it in June though. This blog has been much more sporadic, and this is a good way to reflect on things I have done and how it felt at that time.

Reflecting on it though, it does feel like June flew by a bit too fast and it all felt a bit more seat of my pants in terms of organising and getting stuff done.  If you are waiting for me to do something, please remind me, I am convinced I have forgotten a lot of things.

I had some goals for the last quarter which did not get done at all.  But I feel I have been busy enough with other things, so wrong goals I guess.

One thing I do want to do is to track my time, with a view to being able to answer the question “where did that month go?” with some actual detail.  Hopefully July will be slower.

Love a new month and a new start.



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