Chuntering on.

This is my relaxation. I know, for some, writing is not restful.  It is for me and this is a great way to start my day.  By the time I leave for work, I feel like I have done something productive, got my thoughts in order, practised one of the skills I will use for the rest of the day and have had some fun in the meantime.

I could be spending more time with the family at this point, but those who know me and my family will know that our circadian rhythms are not actually in rhythm.  I am the morning person around here, so I wake up thinking and talking.  Everyone else stands up and starts the morning routine, but are not particularly interactive.  In fact, they seem to have quite an adverse reaction to me blethering on at them in the mornings.

So here is my space to talk, get the brain working, whilst everyone else eats and dresses.    After a while, we all meet up in a more similar place and able to talk.

That’s the theory anyway.  I have a ton of other little jobs that I could be doing in this time though. This morning, I have resolutely put them aside in favour of this.  Mainly because I have noticed that getting up to write a blog is fun, so I wake up a bit earlier.  Last week I decided to use the time to do some other things instead, and found my body refusing to wake up to do chores.  Hardly surprising.  I have the same reluctance to wake up and do some exercise straight away, although that is equally useful.

As you may be able to tell, it is still silly season around here and my thinking is hardly high level as I am very tired.  So, this is an exercise in what my mother calls ‘chuntering’.  Thanks for not telling me to shut up.

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