Getting diverted

I was really enjoying writing something every day and then the fun went out of it.  I realised yesterday that this often happens to hobbies and pastimes.  I started this habit because it was a fun way to channel thoughts and write something I want to write before a day of writing emails and reports.  As I got more into it I overstretched, as I often do.  In this case setting up as a home for the blog. It is not a bad thing to have done, but it is something different to writing a short blog nearly every day.

Setting up a simple site is not simple for me, and I have done very little of it if I am honest, because it requires a lot of time to learn how to do it and it’s not really my passion; so it’s not something I want to make time for.   It is the husband’s passion, so he is really keen on finding new widgets or plug ins for the site, it’s always good to watch someone be excited about a project, but I need to catch up on this one.

Passion is the key though isn’t it?  Suddenly, I realised I had not written for over a week, but had had various conversations about the backend of the site instead.  In fact, I wasn’t writing because I don’t fancy setting up the site.  In a busy time in life, I don’t get any energy from something that technical, I don’t really have a passion to learn about it, I feel I ought to, but that is not the same thing.

It’s a great lesson at a time where I was tempted to overstretch in other areas of my life.  It’s a reminder to remember where the energy is, what I find fun and stay in that space until I am ready to move on. Whatever we do as a hobby it should help us to grow and give us energy to cope with the less fun stuff that life chucks at us.

So I am bringing myself back to writing regularly, instead of learning to set up a website.  But do me a favour: head over to– I will move this to its real home soon.

blue screen of death in silver black laptop
Setting up a website was nothing like this – it just felt like it (Photo by Markus Spiske on



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