Write it down

I have noted an odd change in behaviour since starting to write a blog.  I seem to have stopped writing to do lists.  Obviously the two things are not related, but the irony is delicious.

This week my motto is ‘write it down’. Ok, not motto, that should be something more aspirational.  ‘Forward with efficiency’ would be the motto.  The stenorous voice of the persistent mental reminder is saying ‘write it down’.   If it is not on a written to do list, the task is floating around somewhere in my brain and although I rarely forget things, I get most things done eventually, it never feels as efficient.

I use a bullet journal method to move lists to a relevant time frame, and that is a good way for me to keep lists relevant and productive.  And having it written gives me the reassurance that I don’t need to use energy on remembering things, I can just get them done.

Not writing anything on the list is something that happens when I get overwhelmed though.  It is such a silly reaction to having lots to do. Surely that is exactly when I should reach most for the lists?  I have noticed I am even not writing all my appointments in my diary, keeping some in my head. That is almost at the point of craziness I think.

Time is of the essence of course.  I need to spend a little bit of time writing things down, possibly as I think them, but possibly in a more rigorous way of spending a few minutes checking what is coming up and that it is all recorded somewhere.  And not wasting another moment in pondering why I have stopped doing something so blatantly useful for myself.

Forward with efficiency.

brown and white track field
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

PS Obviously I just made that motto up, but liking it.




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