Being where they know your name

Remember the 80s American sitcom Cheers?  I need to re-watch that, I can’t quite remember why it was funny, but it was.  The theme tune mentions a bar where everyone knows your name.

It came to mind yesterday when one of the offspring and I were chatting about where to meet for our ritual Monday afternoon coffee.  We had a choice between the place we usually go to and somewhere with better cake.

The usual venue won out because, he said, “they recognise me there”.  I really wanted the excellent scones from the other venue, but feeling that you belong is much more important than cake in the end.

The choice of our usual venue came about despite the fact there is better coffee elsewhere and it is one of the chain coffee shops, not one of the interesting independents.  But it’s the one that first appeared on our high street, so the younger offspring has been going there since he was teeny tiny.

I moved homes and towns and schools a lot as a child.  A lot. My children have never moved home or school apart from the natural progression from one stage to the next. Those two facts are definitely linked. I really relish and appreciate the fact that a teenager can choose to meet at a coffee shop where he is known and which he has known forever.

Sometimes it’s good to stretch out for new adventures, other times it’s better to feel comfortable and amongst familiar faces in familiar places.   It is perfect when you have the choice between the two.

I missed out on this – but it was worth it.



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