Focus focus focus

I read or heard something the other day that in this age of screens and umpteen forms of entertainment, we are not suffering from a reduction in our attention span, but rather a deficit of our interest span.    I think that sounds about right.  I watch people at work and at social occasions.  If the agenda or the conversation moves to a less interesting topic, the attention moves to screens.

On the other hand, I reckon that’s about the same thing. It’s hard to stay focussed if you’re not interested. What has changed though is that we used to float away on a mental cloud to lands more appealing and interesting. Generally everything in my head is interesting, because they are my thoughts and dreams, obviously I am interested in them.

But I do miss those hours of daydreaming, I am very guilty of reaching for my phone, I am trying very hard to get better though and don’t look at my phone in company anywhere near as much as I used to.  I am tempted to introduce a phone ban in my house when visitors are here.

Even writing this blog is a struggle some mornings though.  Any time I get a bit stuck, sitting with the stuckness is sometimes impossible, I end up checking email, my calendar, the weather.  These interest me, but don’t help me be at all creative. Sitting and struggling with boring myself would be a better thing to do.




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