I went to a yoga class last night for the first time in a long time.  I love going to yoga classes.  About 18 months ago I started to attend regularly, but have been a bit lax in attendance lately, mainly due to work commitments.

Last night’s class was a mix of yin and yang yoga.  Yin yoga is a recent discovery for me and I love it.  Oddly it is everything I used to dislike about yoga – trying to stay still with physical discomfort.  There is no way I would have enjoyed it a year ago, but yoga has taught me that everything passes, don’t fight your reality right now, instead accept it and relax. If you can manage that, it hurts a bit less.  I say hurt, it’s not pain, it is discomfort.  And it is discomfort caused by having bad posture and not moving and stretching enough during the day.  My body thanks me for living with the discomfort.  But doesn’t thank me until afterwards, there is no instant gratification.

All great lessons for life.

I enjoy being with other people in the classes and the teachers surprise you with new routines or postures, which adds a mental challenge.  I am determined to make the time to attend more often now and hopefully that will inspire me to get the mat out at home more often.



PS in a reflection of my gorgeous bank holiday weekend, I found myself sort of dreaming in shavasana (the final relaxing pose) that I was holding a champagne flute in my right hand. I needed that yoga.

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