Stretching out the mornings

I am a bit obsessed with an author called Laura Vanderkam, who writes about time management.  Her premise is that everyone has 168 hours per week and we have choices with what we do with the vast majority of those hours.  Her recommendation is to work with all 168 hours, not just 24 at a time.

Reading her books led me to examine how I use my time.  Vanderkam actually writes down how she uses her time every day, in half hour chunks, She has been doing so for three years constantly and it is a fascinating study, which she discusses in a recent podcast.  I would love to do this, but something makes me stop.  Not quite sure what though.

One thing that I have taken away is the realisation that the mornings are long.  We wake up early in this house, so a lot can happen before work. We have made chatting and walking the central point of our morning and not chores.  Deciding not to leave the house tidy and organised was a conscious decision. It has made time for hobbies, some quality time as a family and exercise.  And the dishes get loaded into the dishwasher when someone comes home. In fact, it is exactly the sort of chore we need in that transition time into evening from work. Along with laundry and the general tidying.  All a bit mindless, all perfectly doable in the low energy hours of the day.  Or, and this was a radical change in my head, most can be left until Saturday when everyone has more time to waste.  Yes, waste!

I am sure there are other changes I can make, I must get to actually tracking my time to see where those gaps could be.  I haven’t actually stretched out any time in the morning of course, but it feels like we do so much more.


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