I saw a film

I went to see Avengers; Infinity Wars (Part1?!) last night.  On a school night.  After a busy day travelling for work.  Abandoning a to do list and the chance of an early night. I feel like a total party girl today.  And tired enough to think I have been partying too.

I stayed awake throughout the film, which was in doubt after my day, so it was engaging, but I didn’t love it.  The plot was slow and mainly existed to introduce a cast list which was very convoluted for someone who does not watch Marvel films, so there were various characters who felt like they were not integrated in this tale.  The franchise depends on people watching every Marvel film as it is released, in a narrative structure that I am sure is very satisfying, building up the characters’ story that I definitely felt I missed last night. I may have to watch them now.

I love the humour of the Marvel films, everyone likes to feel part of a group and Marvel exploits that with its rituals  and in jokes – I always wonder why there is a random character with one line and afterwards remember the Stan Lee cameo thing. I never notice it’s the same actor – the downside of only watching a Marvel film every few years or so. There’s a funny scene about Chris Hemsworth’s general physique and manly voice, which echoes many fans’ views of him. And there are a great many one liners that keep me engaged waiting for the next laugh.

I did get a bit bored with the premise of the plot.  It was fairly obvious where this was going and the moral of the story was heavy throughout the film.  However, it seems to be part one.  I will have to wait to see the actual outcome.



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