On the move

The original point of this exercise has got a bit lost now I am a few months into the experiment.

The point now though, is that it is an exercise to channel thoughts and do something I love doing, writing, nearly every day. This week has been logistically tough for that, as I have travelled most days with work. My usual blogging time is part of my waking up ritual – coffee and writing set me up really well for the day. I am more keen to wake up if I know I can do something I really enjoy first thing.

A combination of meetings in the evenings making me go to bed later and then a morning train to catch mean that the time to wake up has been squeezed and I am resorting to just getting on with the day.

But on the days I have not written first thing, I have really missed it. My brain doesn’t feel quite so settled. So a further experiment is taking place. I wrote Tuesday’s blog before I started working on my laptop on the train. This is being written in New Street Station on my phone.

I still miss the waking up routine and look forward to a few days of no train timetables governing my morning. But at least I get to write something I want to write before getting stuck into email and report writing.

This is not the blog I had planned this morning, but I felt the need to explain why this may not be edited or spell checked in quite the right way.

For the record, I seem to be able to sink into writing mode in the middle of a busy station perfectly well. And the blogging platform has a great mobile app.

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