Drama queen

I am a self-confessed drama queen. I guess it is my defence mechanism, if I make a drama out of it, it rarely lives up to that level of dramatic impact. I would like to think I live life to the full, which maybe means I love heightening the drama of the little things. To be honest, I am not sure I have ever really thought about why I am a drama queen, nor the effects of it on others.

Ironically, I am calm and collected during a proper drama. It’s almost as if I just need some drama, if the situation is not dramatic, I make it so, if it is, then I don’t need to, so you get the calm, collected version of me.

I am not totally sure that that is how everyone sees me though, or just those very close to me. Yesterday a colleague fed back to me (it’s annual appraisal season) that I tend to over-dramatise, so people tend to ignore me. Not in those words, but that’s the gist of it. Anyway, it was given as a weakness I need to work on, so I am musing on it. And what better way for a drama queen to muse than via a blog – the irony does not escape me.

The challenge to me is to be able to communicate effectively when I think that things are going wrong and I need some help. I seem to be disguising fear by being dramatic. So when I am worried about a situation, I seem to frame it in such a way that people disregard my worries. Talk about an inefficient way of communicating.

I am hoping that writing all this down helps me to notice my communication style and find a more efficient one. Or maybe I’m just being dramatic and you should ignore me.




One thought on “Drama queen”

  1. Isn’t ” being a drama queen ” used to imply someone is overly self
    Concerned? Maybe this is what the appraiser meant but more likely they just meant over enthusiastic? I know from experience that some people find enthusiasm, let alone over enthusiasm, threatening. But enthusiasm is what drives new projects, keeps old ones going, and brings about necessary change. Don’t change too much for enthusiasm is also infectious.


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