Ill prepared

For those of you who have any meetings with me this week, be warned, it was a busy weekend and I feel ill-prepared for the coming week.  And of course, it is a busy week, with something happening every evening.

I may be badly organised this morning, but I am feeling oddly smug that I watched a load of TV yesterday and am now caught up on the current (and final) season of Nashville. As I have written before, I don’t regularly watch TV, so occasionally I have to make a concerted effort to do so.  In this case I had been to see the cast of Nashville live on Saturday evening, so felt the need to catch up on the show. And it was a busy weekend of uncharacteristically late nights for me, so an afternoon of not moving much was needed.

There is a lot of thinking that didn’t happen ahead of this week though, so I am running on optimism and much finger crossing that we get through the week with everyone fed, clothes clean at the right time and the dog and offspring not abandoned for days on end.

I should have done a fair amount of admin at the weekend for various volunteering roles, but I am hoping that having a varied and energizing weekend I am just going to be able to wing it this week.

But it all feels a little bit adrenalin-inducing to be honest.  There is a great deal of security in my planning rituals, so starting a week without them feels like flying by the seat of my pants.  If you see me looking a bit hyper this week, you’ll know why.  Let’s go!


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