Taking it even sloooower

Sometimes stuff just does not go to plan, or at least not to the plan that was forefront in my planning brain.  Easter is full of pretty frocks, warm spring sunshine, egg hunts in the garden and lots of fizz. Right?

It’s not a weekend of mud and rain and cold.  The plan does not include the extended family being struck down one by one with a vicious lurgy.  Nor is it a weekend when one realises that having given it up for Lent, one’s tolerance for prosecco is about zero and for red wine, only marginally better.

The saving grace this weekend – my beloved resolution to go slower.  A long weekend of snuggles on sofas watching movies, naps in whatever bed we can find free, gentle dog walks instead of muddy hikes, less wine but more tea is what we are enjoying.  And, you know what, that fits right in with what I had planned overall this year. Hopefully, as I am not particularly bothered that the original plans have not come to fruition, no one else really minds either.  Well, apart from those who are poorly of course, it does indeed feel a bit rotten for them.  And I have had to postpone the traditional Wii Just Dance fest to later in the week when I am feeling more able to keep up with my niece.

My resolutions for this quarter were getting a bit less slow to be honest, this weekend is a reminder to dial it all back again.  I think I need to add a resolution to watch loads of kids’ films.  Challenge on.


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