Travelling with wisdom

It is a travel day for me, specifically Birmingham to Plymouth and back.  Fortunately, by train, I think a road trip there and back would finish me off.  It is a journey I do frequently enough and I enjoy it.  The views are stunning, there is enough coming and going at each station to enable people watching to not veer into stalking (glancing surreptitiously at one person for three and a half hours is not a good plan).

All that said, I don’t use my time wisely.  I tend to work hard, my laptop being bashed at a great rate of knots.  Well, I say work hard, work busy more like.  A stretch of over three hours sitting at a sort of desk is such an unusual occurrence that I do that thing of thinking “oh I’ve got ages” and so all prioritising goes to pot.  And those people and views I mentioned?  Nah, rarely even see them.  I try and make myself look up through Teignmouth – a Birmingham-dweller needs to see the sea whenever she can frankly – but I often miss the whole of Somerset.

So today I am practising being a wise traveller.  For a start, I am not going to work the whole way there and back.  A wise friend of mine will be pleased to hear this.  Instead I have a book to read and a blog to write and some Scouting to do (subject for another piece, but my Scouting is pretty much emailing).

This is being written on first leg of the journey, so I am feeling smug already.  Technically I should not be starting work until about Tiverton, but I shall allow myself to get cracking by Bristol I think.

I also need to keep swapping seats – my ticket splitting shenanigans (I use Raileasy TrainSplit) have saved me money as always, but I have four different seats reserved, so that will also force me to stretch my legs and move my spine a bit.

Here’s to a day of wise train travel.



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