Fitting in reading

So, having raised the potential of not listening to the news so much, I am still pondering how to fit in more reading.   Not loads more, just a bit more than the 10 minutes before I fall asleep.  It feels like something important for various reasons.

  1. I like reading and like to think of myself as a reader, but in reality, I do not read very much.
  2. I think some books just need to be read more quickly, they don’t flow well in ten minute a day chunks. A Passage To India would be a good recent example.
  3. I have a list of books read this year and I want it to be long.

One solution is very obvious, but yet something stops me – get rid of social media, I definitely spend too long reading that instead of a book.  “Get rid of” is the problem – I have an all or nothing attitude to it, maybe just reducing social media would do the trick really.

There are some technical solutions.  Using my Kindle means I have a light book and many books with me at all times and it links to the app on my phone, so I can read on that as well.

Listening to audio books has been a revelation for me.  I spent years listening to them in the car, but then realised I can listen to them anywhere since the advent of apps on a phone.  At last, I appreciate Dickens, who is delicious read aloud, but I struggle with reading it from the page myself.

Another technique that seems to work for me is to have a few books on the go at a time.  Sometimes, I may be enjoying a novel, but just not able to get into it at that time.  That happens often when commuting, sometimes I can’t get totally lost in the book, so it needs to be something less enveloping.

Accepting that any reading is good reading feels crucial for me.  I keep reverting back to Donna Leon’s Brunetti series this winter – I just need a light detective novel.  It’s my reading equivalent of watching TV, I suppose.  And it’s still reading.

books-bookstore-book-reading-159711.jpegI shall keep experimenting.

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