Writing slowly

Well maybe the title is misleading.  I don’t write slowly, in fact I write quickly, but I write in order to slow down.  I have discovered that posting a small chunk of writing to a blog, makes me slow down as I sit quietly and ponder and jot down thoughts. So I am a bit addicted to this way of making me feel productive, whilst still being a bit more deliberate and a bit slower in my actions.

The aim is to give myself time to think and to challenge myself to put that thinking in a more public domain.  But also to write quickly and relatively succinctly, to prove to myself that I can blog without spending hours on it.  It may indeed be obvious that this is a time challenge as much as anything.  How much can I write in the time it takes me to drink a coffee?

So far it has been a fun experiment in writing whatever springs to mind, but I am now wondering how real bloggers write so prolifically.   At some point I will need to plan out blog posts.  So, a new way of sitting and pondering and still feeling productive presents itself.  Let’s grab another coffee and get planning.




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